There are only some officers that can promote and also demote and remove people.Who ever will do it without persmission will be punished.

Ranking Information&Ranking Officers,other information

Ranking officers

  • Rekoba Hope
  • Emilx Nightcaster
  • Emilly Watherbreath
  • Knives Soulwar
  • Rathia Alprider

1. Ranking Information

  • Longer than month in squad:Elder General
  • Month in squad:General,Officer
  • Three weeks in squad:Superior or Marchal Commander
  • To weeks in squad:Commander

2. Ranking Information

There some special reasons that can take more time to earn your rank

3. Reasons that takes more time to earn you rank

  • 1. Not following rules.
  • 2. Leaving squad more than two times.
  • 3. Removed people like a remover.
  • 4.Deloyal conduct and destroy the skull squadron honor.