Promoting List Permisiion,promoting paper.

1. Promoting paper information

Promoting paper must be send to a leader or to a high officer

2. Promoting paper information

Promoting paper must be send my Galactic Mail

3. Promoting paper information

If you think that the person ready to get promoted send a promoting paper to a high officer or a leader

Promoting List or paper is a promoting document signed by 3 generals and the head officer. If anyone from Generals thinks that the recruit ready to be promoted he must send a promotion list to Emilx so she will send it to leader .Here is a promoting list example:

  • Promoting person-(....)
  • Promoting reason-He stayed in squad for (.....) months and didn't get on BAN LIST.
  • Promoting permission-Signed by Hope  and The commander's Cercle

Catégorie :

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