Squadron's update! And breaking news!

Please welcome the following new recruits to our Squadron:

  • Charles Wan
  • Vilim Ashcryer

And the welcome back to these returning members:

  • Johnn Comet-General
  • Joskey-Trooper

These members have recently left the squadron

  • Sezar Wolf-General
  • Strongejedi Slarboost-General

Congrats to this new promoted member

  • Charles wan to the rank of commander

To the winner of the last events

Rome Greger/Dual challenge

To the members who could finish the course:

  • Emilx Nightcaster/Leader 6x
  • Emilly Winterbreath/Leader x1
  • JoskeyTheLegend/Trooperx2

By the way,Welcome to this member:Rekoba Hope!!!!!!!!

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